LCF teams up with Tory Turk for exhibition

A quarter of a century after the V&A’s first-of-its-kind Streetstyle exhibition, curator Tory Turk has used a modern-day lens to create an updated version of the 1994 exhibition. Documenting the subcultures of today, Turk has worked with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Fashion Curation for the Subcultures: Then and Now project. Curated by Amy de la Haye, Cathie Dingwall, and Ted Polhemus, the original 1994 exhibition documented subcultures and their styles like Skinheads, Rastas and B-Bo

Boris Johnson does his own Vogue 73 questions

In the latest bid by a politician to seem just like the rest of us (cue images of British politicians purposely posing in a pub with a pint), Boris Johnson took to Twitter on Tuesday to release his own version of Vogue’s 73 questions. It was just as weird as it sounds. The video is the first election broadcast by the Conservative party for the upcoming December 12 election. The Twitter video features Johnson walking around the Tory HQ being asked questions by a noticeably cockney-twang-having i

Why Instagram's following tab was the worst thing for a relationship since Snapchat best friends

Since the dawn of time – okay since Facebook – introduced us to ‘in a relationship with’, social media has been a part of the modern relationship. Last month, Instagram removed its following tab, covering the relationship peep-hole it was providing and Twitter. Kicked. Off. With the following tab seemingly playing a big role for so many, we investigate what effect it will have on modern relationships, was the page a harmless activity or was it more Netflix’s You than we care to admit? When it c

Revisiting fashion’s most memorable catwalk crashers

From PETA protestors to topless women, and an actual It seems like nobody on planet earth missed the Chanel prankster at the house’s SS20 show. We saw it. You saw it. Your gran saw it. The stunt from YouTuber Marie S’Infiltre simultaneously set timelines alight and turned Gigi Hadid into a bouncer, minus the earpiece, checklist, and superiority complex. The morality of it all is up for debate but good or bad, it got us talking and provided a little bit of drama (as if we needed any more of that

Mark Leckey sees Tate Britain converted into a motorway bridge

Contemporary artist Mark Leckey has been a fan favourite since his cult classic short film, Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, which has over 200,000 YouTube hits. It has been sampled by Jamie XX and many an art student alike. For Leckey, this is the first time that his work is at the Tate since his Turner prize win in 2008. O’ Magic Power of Bleakness is a nostalgic portrayal of British culture and the bridge follows suit. Made of metal and plasterboard, it’s an impressive 38.5 metres long and is an e

An intimate look at the friendships formed by young black British boys

In a climate punctuated by Morley’s chicken box knife crime campaigns and London Met’s ‘gang matrix’ databases, the stereotypes surrounding young, black boys are rife and reductive. It’s a subject explored by filmmaker Comfort Adeneye, whose short film Top Wavers shines a light on the real lives of these young men in the capital, whose race is often subject to cruel and two-dimensional biases. Speaking to Dazed, Adeneye explains how the film “depicts the reality of how black British boys, who h

Things you might not know about Marina Abramović’s 1977 nude performance

A closer look at the artist’s collaborative performance piece with then-partner Ulay as it makes its way to London When Marina Abramović and Ulay walked from opposite ends of The Great Wall of China in 1988 to finish their 12-year romantic relationship, it was also the nail in the coffin of their collaborative and artistic partnership. For more than a decade, the pair had travelled through Europe and over to America to perform at the request and invitation of various galleries and museums. Abra

This beautiful photo series celebrates the resilience of LGBTQ+ immigrants

Fernando Torres shares a collaborative series that brings attention to the difficulties faced as a Navigating your coming out can be hard enough, but when you’re of immigrant descent it can be difficult to find a place which feels comfortable and confident. It’s a struggle many immigrant LGBTQ+ can relate to, including art director Fernando Torres, whose latest collaborative series – with photographers Chris Rinke, Rickard Sund, and Francisco Gomez De Villaboa – fights to combat and represent t